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We aim to provide a variety of dance classes of the highest quality, taught by experience professionals who share their knowledge and expertise in a fun and positive environment.

We teach the internationally acclaimed Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus. The syllabus combines classical ballet training, free movement and character dances, which develop co-ordination of the body and mind , improving posture, poise and musicality, all with the emphasis on enjoyment.

As teachers of young dancers we understand the importance of being prepared to teach. We understand the impact our behaviour, appearance and knowledge will have on their lives. We recognize that we will be role models and everything we do or say can make a lasting impression on them. We will not only teach dance, but will share our love of dance with them in every way we can. We will strive to make our lessons exciting so our students will return and we can dance together for many years.

Liezel Marais Dance Academy Teachers

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